Website Redesign: Lightspeed Media

Lightspeed is renowned for creating exceptionally immersive experiences using an ever increasing knowledgebase in stage and lighting design.

Client: Lightspeed Media
Categories: Website Design and Development
Start date: November 2022
Finish date: December 2023


When Lightspeed approached us, they had an existing website, hastily put together to show a client what they do. However, it didn't accurately reflect their brand identity and values. They were keen on breaking away from the conventional website layouts and wanted a unique design that could prominently showcase their extensive portfolio.


Bespoke Design: Instead of relying on traditional web templates, we delved deep into Lightspeed's brand ethos and crafted a custom design that resonated with their vision and stood apart from the competition.

Interactive Portfolio Showcase: To spotlight Lightspeed's impressive body of work, we integrated an interactive portfolio section, allowing visitors to explore and engage with each project. The fluid user experience ensured that the showcase was not only informative but also immersive.

Adaptive UI/UX: Recognizing the importance of responsive design, the new website was developed to offer a consistent experience across devices. Whether viewed on a desktop, tablet, or mobile, the content and portfolio were presented seamlessly.

Intuitive Navigation: To move away from the 'standard' website layout, we introduced an intuitive navigation system that made it easy for visitors to discover and learn more about Lightspeed's offerings without feeling overwhelmed.

Storytelling Approach: Instead of just listing their projects, we created a narrative for each. This narrative-driven approach not only showcased their capabilities but also built an emotional connection with potential clients.

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